Fine Art by Matt Anderson
En plein air:  A French expression meaning the act of painting outdoors

I am drawn to places and things rich with humble histories and simple beauty. Interpreting and finding beauty in these often overlooked corners of our world gives me great satisfaction. I believe that painting these scenes can serve as a tool to open peoples eyes to those things that are easily overlooked, as we rush from one thing to the next, and help us to appreciate the wonder and the story that is all around us.

My art is my interpretation of what we all see in the great outdoors.  The results reflect the light, and mood of mother nature at the time of the painting.

I am a lifelong resident of Wisconsin.  See the About Matt Anderson page for more information

Inspiration comes at unpredictable times and sometimes I just got'ta paint

Want to know more about the Outdoor Art and paintings?

En plein air art has its roots in the European romanticism and impressionism movements of the 18th and 19th centuries.  American influences include the Old Lyme Art Colony, the Hudson River School and the American Impressionism of the 19th and 20th Century.  (click on the word links to see the Wikipedia Articles)


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